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Tech Tips Table of Contents

About Stained Glass
Tools and Supplies
Glass Cutting
Breaking Glass
Cutting Circles
Project Patterns
How to Cut Glass to a Pattern
Soldering Technique
Leading Technique
Copper Foil Technique
Making a Lampshade

Assembling a lampshade requires some special techniques. Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to lay out and put together the mini shade pattern in this book. These basic directions can also be applied to the assembly of any panel shade.

  • Step 1. Make the template. Using carbon paper and a ruler, accurately trace the pattern onto oaktag or cardboard. Carefully cut out all the pieces.
  • Step 2. Using the templates and a fine line felt-tip pen, trace the pattern onto the glass.
  • Step 3. Cut out the glass.
  • Step 4. With grozing pliers, file, or grinder, refine the glass pieces to fit properly. Lay out pieces as shown to check fit.
  • Step 5. Using 3/16", 7/32",or 1/4" foil, wrap each piece.
  • Step 6. Solder pieces B, C, and D together. Bead the bottom edge. Also bead the curved top of A at this time.
  • Step 7. Lay the six soldered panels of the skirt in a semi-circle. Do the same with the six crown panels. Tape with masking tape as shown.
  • Step 8. Flux the top and bottom of each seam.
  • Step 9. Gently stand up each section until the end panels meet. Secure with more tape. Tack solder the top and bottom of each seam.
  • Step 10. Set section A on top of Section BCD, line up seams, and tack solder A to B. (Note: If you are making a shade with a bottom skirt you would also tack this tier on at this time.)
  • Step 11. Bead all the inside seams first, then the outside. Make sure to prop the shade so that the seams are horizontal to the work surface when soldering.
  • Step 12. Cut spider to size slightly larger than top opening. Soldering place just below where section A meets BCD.
  • Step 13. Apply patina to all soldered seams and edges.

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Not only are the Tech Tips a great way to learn about stained glass, but there's a wealth of information waiting for you in Glass Chat! Glass Chat is a Warner Stained Glass online message board where stained glass artists from all over the world meet to discuss stained glass.

If you're looking for more information on this subject, you can try searching through the Glass Chat archives by entering a word or phrase in the box below.


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