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Here's how it works

After you've created an online account with us here at Warner Stained Glass, every online purchase you make earns you points. On the 7th day of every month, we'll tally up the points you've collected for purchases made in the previous month and give you a $5 certificate to use on a new purchase made within the next 90 days. That's the short version, read on for the details...

Establishing an account

First, you'll need to set up an online account if you haven't already. This account is for online purchases and required as part of the program (we can't very well give you points if we don't know who you are). By doing so, you'll also get the other benefits of having an account such as storing items for later purchase in your Wish List, saving your designs in the Envision Bevel Design program, and creating a unique identity for Glass Chat. Plus you'll be automatically entered in any future features we add.

Let's get you some points

Now that you've got your account set up, earning points is easy. Points are awarded on the 7th day of each month for any retail or wholesale purchases made in the previous month. For every $1 you spend on merchandise (packing charges, shipping charges, use of gift certificates, etc. don't apply), we'll give you 100 points (example: a $145.64 order of merchandise, gets you 14,564 points). Points are only awarded for purchases made through our web site and are non-transferable and subject to future and present rules. Additional points can be earned through other promotions and some items may not qualify for points. On the day the points are calculated, we'll give you a $5 digital certificate for every 12,500 points you've earned. The points used in exchange for the certificate will then be deducted from your account, any points not used will be stored for the next month (using our example, the 14,564 points gets you a $5 certificate and you keep a balance of 2,064 points). This certificate is valid for 90 days from the date it is awarded and can be added to your order through your shopping cart. Points and certificates are non-transferable, certificates cannot be renewed and are not valid for any previous purchase. Other restrictions may apply.

Current Bonus Point offers!

What about backordered items on my order?

Backordered items are treated as a new order and their ship date is used when calculating points. For example, if you place an order on 10/25 that has backordered items on it, and those items backordered are shipped on 11/1, you will receive points on 11/7 for the items shipped on of 10/25 (remember we calculate points on the 7th day of the month for the previous month's orders). You'll get the points for the items shipped on 11/1 on 12/7. Backordered items that are canceled do not qualify to receive points.

Find out your point total

Check your point balance by logging in to your account and using the link found in your shopping cart. On that page, you'll also see a tally for Bonus Points. Bonus Points are awarded by employees of WC and through additional promotions. These points are added to your total point total when we calculate your certificates.

Use your certificates

Use the certificates you've earned by first logging in to your account. You'll need to have items in your order first so that the credit can be applied. Click on the link from your shopping cart to be presented with a list of available certificates. Select the one(s) you'd like to use to have them applied to your order. Certificates work the same as cash, so any charges that are based on your order total (such as shipping) will be calculated based on the total before certificates are applied.

Other stuff

You'll be notified via e-mail when certificates have been awarded, please make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date by clicking the Change Login Info link at the top of the page (if you don't see it, you'll need to log in to you account). We do reserve the right to change the way things work, updates to the program will be posted on this page. This program may also be cancelled at any time, in that event any unused certificates will be valid until their expiration date.


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