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RE: pattern material
Posted by Glass42012 on 7/6/2017 5:58:04 PM
> Hi folks. What are you using to make your
> patterns.I have been using posterboard but it
> really does not cut so well. Would mylar or
> other plastic be preferrable? Where can you
> buy large
> sheets?Thanks

I use the thinner poster board. I make 2 copies of the pattern, one for layout, the second I put on the poster board and use that spray adhesive. You have to spray both the pattern and the poster board for it to stick well because of the water from the grinder. My pattern sheers cut though it with no problem. I get the poster board at Staples and they will ship it to you also if you do not have a Staples store near by you. It costs about $5.99 for 10 sheets that are about 24 inches by 22 or 24 inches. I cannot remember the exact size. It comes in white only. It works very well for me. I used to put that sticky clear contact paper on my pattern when I first started doing glass, but it would get hung up in the pattern scissors.

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