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RE: Wayne-Fl
Posted by starrlgt on 6/24/2017 6:55:10 PM Send Private Message
Interesting that you say Weldbond does not hold up outside. I have used it in FL on mosaics on our wall outside and it worked well. I have also used it here in NM on outside mosaics and it has held up well. We do not get much rain here but in FL we sure did. The board my daughter in law used was pressboard and I knew it would not do well. The mastic was a real trial to get off the back of the ceramic. I had to use an x acto knife to cut it off then scrape. Good thing the pieces were small so it worked. I do not do FB at all. My husband looks but does not post. I do use a smart phone to keep in touch with out of town kids. Texting is great.

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    Wayne-Fl Posted By: starrlgt on 6/23/2017 8:58:05 PM
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      • RE: Wayne-Fl Posted By: Wayne-FL on 6/24/2017 10:02:24 AM
        • RE: Wayne-Fl Posted By: starrlgt on 6/24/2017 6:55:10 PM

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