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Grinder Bits
Posted by starrlgt on 2/5/2017 5:25:22 PM Send Private Message
I needed to change bits and had a devil of a time getting the old one off. When I finally got it off I used 00 steel wool and cleaned the shaft. Then I used the old gray stuff think it is called anti seize. I could not get any of my old glasstar bits to go on and off smoothly so I tried an old Diamond Max bit I rarely use because I only use the 6 inch bit on that grinder. It slid on and off easily. I really cleaned the shaft again with steel wool and and put the gray stuff on again but still the old anrakku two fers and glasstar did not go on and off easily. I only have a few pieces left on the bluebird so will use the Diamond Max bit. I guess the Diamond Max bit has a larger hole but not happy to not use the other ones. It has been some time since I changed bits but never had this problem before. Wonder if the shaft is bent. Can you change out shafts easily on the Allstar grinder? It is at least 15 years old maybe more.

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