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Glass Chat Conditions

Glass Chat is an open forum for those interested in the discussion of stained glass. The board is owned and moderated by Warner Stained Glass. Since we are in the business of selling stained glass supplies, moderation of this board is done with our business image in mind. Our goal here is to create a fun and educational forum where folks from all skill levels can discuss stained glass.

When posting a message, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Any posts which are deemed off-topic, profane, inflammatory, abusive, etc. will be removed.
  2. It is impossible for the moderator to check the validity of the information in every post. Each message expresses solely the view of the author, not that of the moderator or Warner Stained Glass.
  3. Advertising and spamming the board will not be tolerated. Decisions to remove will be determined by the moderator. An ad on Glass Chat is considered any URL, mention or otherwise that is for a business in competition with WC. This is a board sponsored by a business that sells supplies, so we'd like to promote ourselves a little. Promoting finished stained glass work and classes is acceptable.
  4. Please don't post any personal information that you don't want the whole world knowing. It's a bad idea and puts your personal privacy at risk.
  5. The moderator has the final say on all removals. We will always err on the side of caution and remove a post that is questionable.
  6. We encourage spirited discussion. Disagree as much as you like, you can easily get your point across without violating Rule 1.
  7. We reserve the right to edit the rules at any time.


WSG's Green Monster

Find this elusive character hiding in a message and you'll be rewarded with a discount on your order!

When hunting for the green monster please remember that once you find him you will receive a coupon this is good for an Internet order and will expire at 4 AM EST that day, so don't forget to use it! This discount applies only to regular price retail items (exceptions: Gift Certifcates, Event Registrations, Kilns, and Custom Bargain Boxes). On items where a price break is applied you will receive either the regular price minus your coupon or the price break, whichever is lower.

With a Green Monster Penny Ship Coupon, this coupon applies only to orders that do not contain OVERSIZED items and are shipped UPS Ground to the contiguous US states.

Happy Hunting!

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